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I received a catalog which caused me to visit the web site. Spent a lot of time viewing and was about to place an on-line order.

But, I had some questions so I called the shop ...... the operator was not friendly and did not sound inviting. So, I checked the internet and found this site -- glad I found it. .......

The tone of the operator and the reviews matched. I had gathered approx $300 in items to buy but now I won't risk getting involved with Serengeti. ....... That's disappointing because I liked what I saw on the web site, but I didn't like the approx $20 shipping fees.

or the tone of the phone operators ....... Serengeti, if you read these negative comments, maybe you can work on the issues and I'll reconsider.

Reason of review: Uneasy feeling about company.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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A year or so ago I ordered 10 items, then found this website. The next 3 weeks were excruciating as they dinged and removed charges to my credit card as the order was filled.

To my complete surprise I got everything, it all fit fine and all are still in good shape. I was apparently careful enough to avoid the monthly charge, but I remember it being sneaky. Nothing will tempt me to go through all that again. Catalogs go right in the trash and I’ve never gone to their website again.

I come back to this website for confirmation, and it’s a shame because they have some really cute things. Your inner voice was right.


I was going to spend $700 because I love the look of their clothes, but no reviews got me to check google and I found this site and now I am NOT GOING TO ORDER. Customer reviews help us know whether sizing is accurate and if fabric is nice or anything else.

Fit, cut, color. It just makes it impossible to know unless you read feedback and spending my own money to get to me and back to them should be a reasonable price. They need to check out for ideas on customer service and returns exchange policies.

PLUS FEEDBACK is crucial. I really don't think they care.

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